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Chapter 39

  • What is this?
  • Who is calling my name?
  • Even though I could hear it, I still couldn’t pinpoint what was happening to me. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear someone calling me. I wanted to open my eyes and see it for myself but couldn’t. I heard something. Like some kind of sense of the limited sensory input like the sounds of something which felt like machines, the sensations on my body, the voices that I heard.
  • I could hear voices and was trying to make sense of what they were saying. Their words often entered my dreams. Someone kept telling me “Come back, you’re fine now. I got you!”
  • I had terrifying repetitive dreams from which I couldn’t escape, couldn’t wake up from, couldn’t make sense of. And eventually, those things were starting to annoy me now. Finally, as I felt lightweight and my eyes fluttered open, I saw something. Curious stares of people hovering me. I would have freaked out but if it wasn't for my throat all dried up, I chose to stay quiet.
  • Their voices reaching my ears and one of them put a light straight into my eyes causing me to jerk voluntarily. Then I knew it. I was in hospital. Everything started to make sense. And it was when my eyes fell on a man standing near the door. He had wide eyes and he looked miserable.
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