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Chapter 54

  • Caleb Pov
  • As soon as we landed, we were met with Mr. Jaques, a senior officer of the Paris Police team. Nathan talked to him letting him know every detail and soon we got in the action as they used Sang’s social media to relocate and check into a place near to us.
  • The plan was to wait and catch her while she comes to find Sang. As much as we were ready to go into action, we were also a little bit in a dilemma if she would take the bait and come find Sang. She has been smart and has killed so many people that it left us wondering if she could be dumb enough to fall in our trap.
  • Our plan was sudden and no matter what we were ready to sprint to action.
  • The officers told me that it would be better if I stayed back. They didn’t want any casualty for the one they were trying to catch was a wicked and dangerous one but I chose to go as I wanted to catch her with my very own hands and make her pay for everything she did.
  • Finally, we reached the spot and cameras were attached and cars with cameras were parked right near to the spot. The officers didn’t wish any civilian to get hurt and it was how we chose a place away from the city. It was a diner and we informed the owner about our plans. He was cooperative and only the officers dressed as civilians were present in the motel.
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