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Chapter 10

  • From now on wards I'm Switzerland!
  • "So What do you think?" Mr Novak asked Caleb while Eden sat patiently on my right side listening to them.
  • "Mr Theller I think you should sign this deal because it will be benefit for your Bank" one of the business associate spoke.
  • I looked towards Caleb to find him lost in thoughts.
  • "What was he thinking?" I thought to myself. Was he thinking about the kiss. I know I was. It felt so right to have his luscious lips on mine, moving against my lips In a passionate kiss. My tongue lashed out absentmindedly wetting my lips as I reminisced the moment. Oh God! What was I thinking. He was my god damn boss as well as an asshole and here I am wanting him to kiss me again. What the fuck? I Willed myself to concentrate on what was going on at present.
  • Currently, Mr Novak gave a deal to both the rival teams to end their rivalries if they want any more profit and for that Eden and Caleb need to sign the deal, which means ending their Cold war with compromisation.
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