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Chapter 43

  • I had always known that waking up in your partner’s arm was the great thing ever but there was something even better than that and it snuggling up to warm body early in the morning feeling the hot breath beside and cuddling up.
  • “Good morning sweetheart,” I heard his husky voice as he kisses my cheek softly and I hummed wrapping my arms around him, pulling him closer as he pulled up the blanket covering me.
  • “You have to get up now. It’s already eight in the morning,” I heard him but still didn’t bother to open my eyes feeling warmth in his arms.
  • “C’mon,”
  • “No! Let me sleep,” I groaned as I refused to get up and leave the comfort zone of both the bed and Caleb.
  • “Sang, you told me you have an important class today. We don’t want to be late. Now get up,”
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