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  • Dmitri came home from the hospital to get ready for Ethan's birthday party.
  • Last week marked the beginning of a long series of emergency schedules which meant that Dmitri was always tired and behind on his household chores.
  • As he proceeded into the house, he found the floors spotless, the dishes cleaned and dried, and the dirty laundry washed and folded. He went upstairs to change his clothes and noticed that the beds were made, and there were even flowers in a vase beside his bed.
  • He soon realized that when Hazel came home after picking Melody up from the daycare, she must've made Melody take a nap before the birthday party and took the opportunity to help him out.
  • Dmitri learned an important lesson that day about compassion. And it was that their friendship was sealed for life !
  • Dmitri, reached the birthday venue, just before the dinner and Melody came running to give him a tight hug.
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