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  • “Hello ?” Dmitri’s deep, soothing voice floated in, warming Audrey’s insides.
  • She could just hear him say that word on repeat her whole life.
  • “Hello ? Is anyone there ?” Dmitri asked again, although he could hear the faint sound of Audrey’s breathing.
  • "Uh hello, Doctor !” Audrey went for a cheerful tone after a moment’s hesitation. “I hope I have not caught you at the wrong time," she cautiously asked, her nerves almost failing her.
  • "No, you haven’t. May I know who is on the line ?" asked an awestruck Dmitri with his heart in his mouth as he could easily recognize that sweet voice anywhere.
  • "It's me, Audrey Blaydes this side," answered Audrey.
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