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Chapter 45 REUNITED

  • “Little pitchers have big ears. Our child is a living, breathing, feeling human being. He can wake up and hear us arguing !” Leo said softly as Rachel told him to leave Alex and her alone in the hospital ward and not to come back again. "Can we discuss the matter outside the ward ?" he added.
  • “With all due respect, I’d rather not discuss it. There's nothing left to discuss with you since we know each other quite well now," Rachel replied as they both moved out of Alex's ward where he was sleeping under the spell of medicines.
  • "I need to discuss Alex, after all he's my son too," Leo said as they both sat in the waiting area.
  • “That’s not up for discussion !” Rachel retorted.
  • "I want to know why you hid such big news from me and left the city without informing me four years back ?" Leo questioned.
  • "I'm the mother and I know what's best for my child," Rachel countered.
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