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Chapter 7 TRICKED

  • "How are you, my love ?" Mrs. Lucy Blaydes asked as she sat beside Audrey and tucked back her daughter’s beautiful strawberry blonde hair from her sweaty forehead.
  • "Where is my baby, Mom ? I want to hold my baby in my arms. Please tell the nurse to bring my baby to me. I can't wait to see my little angel," Audrey requested her mother with pleading eyes.
  • "Here, have some water first, darling, Let me call your dad and the doctor," Mrs. Blaydes replied.
  • "Mom, hold up,” Audrey squeezed her mother’s hand. “Where is my baby ?" she repeated. Sternly this time.
  • Her mother hesitated for a moment before replying but she was saved from answering to her daughter when the door suddenly flung open and in a harsh voice Mr. Tyler Blaydes announced, "You gave birth to a still born baby ! I  told you this was dangerous."
  • After hearing the cruel words of her fate, Audrey stilled as white shock reigned over her senses. What ?! Still born ?
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