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  • "When we were in a relationship, it was important to you that your family gets along with me. And that made total sense !" Dmitri said to Audrey who was feeling the greatest heights of betrayal and shock.
  • "Yes ! It’s awesome when our partners can be involved in multiple areas of our lives and hang out with the other people we care about in our family. That is why I called you to meet them," Audrey replied.
  • "But what if that’s not the case ? What if your parents disapproved of me but couldn't say so in front of you ?" Dmitri said.
  • “You know, Dmitri, I’ve been trying to figure out what the issues were, what the solutions were to fixing those issues, and I can’t. I’ve been thinking about it all for the last three years," Audrey said as a tear fell down her cheek. "Then, after seeing you and our daughter it popped into my mind that what I've been told in these three years wasn't the truth but a veil of lies !" she spat out.
  • "Don’t try to get back at your parents or to act vengefully. You’re really hurting right now, and you want your parents to hurt the same, but don’t spread the pain,” Dmitri reasoned out. "You don’t want to do anything you can’t reverse, and at the end of the day, you won’t feel better “getting back” at them."
  • "I'm ready to make big decisions based on discovering the truth of my parents’ true character and I feel like I should go straight into fix-it mode," a hurt Audrey replied in agitation with her overwhelming emotions. "I have to accept what has happened, has happened. It's of no use to stay in denial about my parents cheating on me and also on you. They have deprived me of my child’s life and vice versa," she added. "Pushing the problem aside won’t change what happened, so confronting the problem with them head-on is the best way to go about it,” Audrey said.
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