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  • "Isa, I'm in the midst of making an important life decision and I have no family to discuss my relationship goals with. You're experienced, a mutual friend of us both- Calvin and mine. So help me with your expertise on this subject," Hazel pleaded.
  • "Fine, let me help you reach a conclusion all by yourself. See, many of us don’t date for long-term viability. I call this pursuing The Prom Date," Isabelle coached while sipping coffee with snacks. "So before I venture into the topic further, tell me what’s an ideal prom date in your opinion ?" Isabelle questioned.
  • "Someone who looks great in pictures, gives you a night full of fun, and makes you look cool in front of your friends," Hazel replied.
  • "Yup ! Many of us finished high school more than a decade ago, and yet we’re still using the same rubric to evaluate potential partners," Isabelle commented.
  • "I understand, there are many people with whom we can share a tryst but far fewer with whom we can build a life," Hazel replied and Isabelle nodded before she put down her cup.
  • "Yes ! So when you’re thinking about who to marry, don’t ask yourself: What would a love story with this person look like? Instead, ask: Can I make a life with this person? That’s the fundamental distinction," Isabelle shared her experience. "You have been on a date with him a few times now, so you're a better judge. I feel your insight for moving ahead with this relationship is right !" she adjudged as she encouraged her to go with her gut feeling.
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