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  • "Hey Rachel ! How have you been ?" Audrey asked from the other end of the phone.
  • "I'm good ! What a pleasant surprise to hear your voice !" Rachel replied.
  • "I was missing you so much and more than you, I was missing the days when we used to talk and laugh for hours sitting in an empty classroom and in your dorm room" Audrey recalled.
  • "Yes, there used to be almost endless things to talk about, and time used to just fly by as we chatted together," Rachel responded as she was transported back to the graduation days.
  • "I don't remember when was the last time we met and had a long talk with each other," Audrey said.
  • "Yup, it’s been quite a while. We were both so busy in our hectic schedules, going through personal issues in our own respective lives and new career moves that we really stopped seeing each other," Rachel replied. “Calls and texts are not enough !”
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