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  • "If you're at this crossroad and you find it difficult to choose, let me help you understand what each choice can lead to," Mr. Blaydes, like any other concerned parent brought up the topic regarding Audrey’s choice of career at the dining table for discussion. “In fact, you should use your degree in the family business,” he added while pointing his fork at her.
  • "Joining the family business can be a one-way road, Dad, where there is no going back. I've to be really firm minded about this, as I know nothing about it," Audrey expressed her apprehensions.
  • "You have your dad to mentor you and teach you how to run the company’s business, dear," her mother, Lucy Blaydes joined the discussion.
  • "However, before committing to Dad’s business, I want to explore the world and do something for the upliftment of society," Audrey explained.
  • "You can do that while you learn the ropes at my company. Who is stopping you from doing that ? You can make reservations every couple of months anywhere around the world. And of course donate to your philanthropy causes from the business funds which are all yours and will help save corporate taxes also," her business inclined father suggested.
  • "Dad, I need some time. That is all I'm asking for. I want to make my own identity first," Audrey countered.
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