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Chapter 5 YAY OR NAY?

  • “And the tender goes to …. ” Rachel slipped back the card in the envelope and announced, “THE EMERSON GROUP !” amidst huge applause and bitter groans.
  • Rachel did not let her friendships or personal animosity get in the way of making the right decision and she would never stray from her moral compass for anything.
  • On the other side, Leo could not believe what he heard !
  • He could have sworn to the heavens above that he felt that he was hallucinating as he had lost all hope when he saw the mysterious Director.
  • “Did she say Em- …. ?”
  • “We won the bid, Sir !!” a delighted Daniel affirmed that the contract was indeed awarded to his firm- The Emerson Group. "The takeover bid of our company now looks unlikely to succeed ! You did it, boss !!" the excited but relieved secretary added as he congratulated his dazed boss on his achievement. 
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