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Chapter 4 THE BOSS

  • Oliver, the secretary of the Director, walked in to announce the arrival of his boss and everyone straightened up, a hush falling over the crowd- partly to make a good first impression and partly out of curiosity to see who was the mysterious figure leading the business world.
  • However, to everyone’s utter surprise, they heard the firm clicking and clacking sound of high heels against the linoleum floor which echoed down the hallway and got louder and louder as they inched closer to the conference room.
  • In the deafening silence following suit, all heads turned towards the door just when the doors opened wide for the second time.
  • Minds short-circuited  and eyes refused to blink when a tall, svelte figure appeared in sight.
  • Elegantly and formally dressed, the young lady with a fatal aura walked in, commanding an awe-inspiring respect from one and all present there. 
  • And that is when the corporate world went topsy-turvy when it started glowing in shades of pink as all glass-ceiling limits smashed and the mystery of the boss of the global company was revealed.
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