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  • Destiny is indeed a swerving force. We don't have any control over it. No matter how much we try, destiny has always proven to be strong but all said and done, 'Love triumphs.'
  • "Rachel, you enticed me in my days, allured me in my nights and bewitched me in a myriad unknown ways," Leo said as he held her hand in his. "I can't live without you and Alex anymore. I want all of us to stay together under one roof for all the years to come," he confessed.
  • He was as handsome as hell, and as sweet as heaven. He captured her heart, lit her spirit on fire and consumed her soul. However, now, practically his personal and professional life had taken many twists and turns.  
  • "But there can be logistics issues. It would be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship without jeopardizing our individual careers as we both stay in different parts of the country," Rachel worriedly replied.
  • "Darling ! And they lived happily ever after… Well, it doesn’t always happen in the same castle though. Sometimes Rapunzel decides to join the hair salon 600 miles from the prince’s abode," Leo said in his usual humorous beaming persona. "My marriage proposal of four years back still stands true to me. I want to take our love story from friendship to commitment," he sweetly proposed. "Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife ?"
  • "I'll be the happiest to be your wife. But I've seen love fading away over the years," Rachel whispered. "You're madly in love now, with your wedding plan on the horizon and our whole life together ahead of us. But after years of marriage, it could be tough for you to remember those head-over-heels feelings you once had for me," she added, just to tease him.
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