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  • "There are different kinds of love stories, but one thing is the same in all of them. In every love story, there is a 'Melody' ! It might be sweet or passionate. It can also be transcending or heart wrenching.
  • "The heart listens to no one because it is governed by love. Then, why try to control it ?" Audrey thought as she processed the emotional and fluid situation she had been through in the past few years.
  • But these past couple of days had taught her how important it was to unwind, both mentally and physically. She enjoyed taking walks with Melody, watching cartoons, and playing games with her which brought them together.
  • Melody slept early after dinner that evening. She was exhausted after a long day spent mostly outdoors.
  • After they called it a day with all house chores taken care of, there was, between them, a weightless, seamless desire to be one.
  • Dmitri pulled the bedroom door shut gently and they faced each other, two candles flickering, to quench the thirst of years before melting into one in each other’s heat.
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