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Chapter 56 EPILOGUE

  • After 23 years ….
  • It felt like déjà vu when Mr. Tyler Blaydes entered Dmitri’s office and only the two of them were alone.
  • However, the elder man was not here to threaten Dmitri but congratulate him and ask after his granddaughter’s health.
  • “How is my precious Melody doing, Doctor ? Was the operation successful ? Is her baby healthy ? How is Ethan feeling after operating on his own baby ?” Mr. Tyler Blaydes worriedly asked.
  • “There is no need to worry, Dad ! Ethan, Melody and their baby are perfectly fine. Melody is sleeping- she was too exhausted and Ethan is looking after the baby. He is already so possessive about his daughter, he won’t even share her with me,” Dmitri chuckled and the elder man laughed.
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