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  • The only thing that got her through was the fact she didn’t want to keep going around in circles anymore. She didn’t want to keep analyzing and doing a stock-take of all that Laura and Valerie said and all that had happened between her and Leo.
  • That was when Rachel began to shift her focus, consciously moving on from what had happened to what would be happening in just a few short months.
  • She began focusing on the type of mother she wanted to be, planning how she wanted the baby and her life to look, restructuring the vision for her future to be just the two of them.
  • She also knew that in her current state of mind she wouldn't be able to be the mother that she wanted to be.
  • So, after taking stock of the current state of her mind, she realized that she had about six months of pregnancy left, which meant she had six months to heal herself to be able to be the best version of herself for her baby.
  • She sat and planned about the type of life she wanted to provide the baby. She spent endless hours scribbling down hopes and dreams for their future together.
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