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Chapter 6 Drunk

  • "Why did you bring me here sir?" I calmly asked him after he took me to his office room. I found out that this room was his office because of the name on the table. 'Engineer Michael Andrew Claveria' 
  • "I—" He could not go on with what he wanted to say. He just stared into my eyes. His stare was cold...yet lonely and it seems that he's in too much pain while staring at me straightly. 
  • Because of the closeness of our bodies so I could smell him freely. Nothing has changed in the perfume he uses, he still smells the same. I could also smell the wine with every breath he took. He's drunk. Did he mean to get drunk? God! 
  • He slowly loosened his grip on my arm. He also moved slightly away from me. He also averted his eyes first. Why is he like that? Why does it seem like he's hurts to see me? Is he mad at me? Then why did he hired me? After all I should be angry with him. I should be affected by it now that we have met again...but why does it seem the other way around? Why does he still seem to be affected by it today? 
  • Silence prevailed over us for a moment. No one wants to talk. I remained standing while waiting for him to say something. 
  • "I'm sorry..." He stepped three times away from me. I don’t know what he’s sorry for. 
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