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Chapter 16 Just Once

  • It was exactly five o'clock when I got home. I slowly opened the door to make sure Sunny couldn’t see me. Especially since there are still bruises on my face. 
  • "Momma!" I was so shocked when Sunny greeted me as soon as I opened the door. I was grabbed by my chest in shock. 
  • "Momma what happened to you?" Extreme concern began to draw on my daughter’s face. 
  • "Momma, what's this? Where did you get these bruises? Momma!" I didn't know how to answer her because tears started to well up in her eyes. 
  • "B-baby calm down, okay? Momma's fine." I calmed her down. But she just shook her head as her tears continued to flow. 
  • "Is this the reason why you didn't get home last night? Who did this momma? Why did you let them hurt you like this momma? Momma why?" I gently touched her cheek to calm her down from her crying. I also hugged her tightly because I knew she was worried about me. It's a good thing she settled down ... but that concern can still be seen in her eyes. 
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