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My Ex-Boyfriend's Comeback

My Ex-Boyfriend's Comeback


Update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1 Start

  • "You're pregnant?" I almost jumped in shock when aunt Fely suddenly appeared in front of me.
  • "Auntie I'm sorry..." Trembling, I took aunt's hand so she could hear me but even though I couldn't touch it, she tapped my hand.
  • "I'm telling you! That man didn't do any good to you! But you didn't listen!" I was distracted when she suddenly slapped my left cheek.
  • "Look, he ruined your life! You're so stubborn!"
  • "A-auntie please, enough..." I begged her because she wouldn't stop slapping me.
  • "Andrew loves me, I know he will be responsible for me and our baby." I said in courage. I trust my boyfriend, and I know he will accept it.
  • "Do you hear yourself? Are you kidding, Sydney? You don't know the habit of the rich! How can you be so sure that he will accept you, huh? Aren't you thinking?" 
  • "Ouch! Auntie, that's enough!" I begged my aunt again after she pushed me hard.
  • "Get out of here! Get out!"
  • "Auntie, I will prove to you that Andrew is a good person..." I stood up to convince my aunt again that Andrew would accept me.
  • "All right, prove it! Make sure that man marries you. Because if he doesn't, don't expect me to bring you back here, okay?"
  • After auntie threw me out of the gate, I immediately rode the tricycle. I had to go to Andrew, he had to know we were going to have a baby.
  • When I got off the tricycle I immediately knocked on Andrew’s dorm.
  • Michael Andrew Claveria, the only child of the wealthy Claveria family. He's an engineering student. He is in his third year of college while I am graduating from Senior High.
  • We met when I was in grade eleven, he was in his second year, and we've been in a relationship for almost a year. Next month is our first anniversary, and I think, it's good news and a gift for us this baby in my womb.
  • "Sydney? W-what are you doing here?" His expression was nervous and shocked after he opened the door of his apartment for me.
  • "C-can I come in? I have something important to tell you Andrew..." I said nervously and panting. I tried to get myself inside but with full force he blocked his body at the door.
  • "Sydney wait,"
  • "W-why? Is there a problem?" I feel like my tears are forming again, anytime they can drip again.
  • "Babe, who's there?" I looked at the source of a woman's voice.
  • "Wait, who's that? You're with a woman here?" I force myself to squeeze the door to see who the woman is.
  • "Oh, hi?" I was shocked when a beautiful woman opened up to me. She had just taken a bath because her long hair was still wet. Only a white towel covered her body.
  • "I'm sorry..." Tears kept falling from my eyes. So, yeah. Is this my karma because I didn't follow my aunt Fely?
  • "Andrew why?" I fail to question.
  • "We're getting married." Simple and solid answer of the woman whose name—I do not know.
  • My whole body weakened even more as it showed the engagement ring on her finger.
  • I just stared at Andrew as my tears continued to flow. I can't read the emotion in his eyes, but I'm sure of only one thing, and that's true everything the woman with him here in his apartment says.
  • "I. Hate. You!"
  • I tried to slap Andrew but when I properly lifted my hand it just kept it raised, I couldn’t slap him no matter how painful it was he did to me.
  • "I'm sorry Sydney... You may now go." He said the last word before he finally closed the door of his apartment.
  • I could do nothing but to cry all the pain I was feeling.
  • "Baby, mommy promised to take care of you and make you happy... I won't make you feel like you're missing something...even if you don't have a father to meet because he cheated on me... he didn't give me a chance to tell him about you."
  • I wiped the tears running down my cheek. I bravely left the place that from now on I will started to hate.
  • "I hate you Michael Andrew Claveria! I promise you'll regret it that you cheated on me! I hate you!"