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Chapter 22 Miracle

  • "M-mom,  D-dad?" I call them again. They were just looking at me and little by little was drawing a smile on their lips. 
  • "S-Sunny?" My daughter did the same, her eyes talking as she smiled at me. 
  • I almost ran to where they were to give them a tight hug. But before I could even reach them a strength arm stopped me. When I looked back it was Drew's pleading eyes I saw. He's stopping me from reaching my parents' and daughter. Seems like he doesn’t want me to approach them. 
  • "Sydney, I'm here." Drew said in a whisper. I turned my attention back to where mom and dad were, even my daughter. 
  • But when I looked back to where they had been before, I was so shocked...because it was a dangerous place where you could fall with just one wrong move, and they were no longer there. 
  • "D-Drew? D-did you see them? Mom and Dad and Sunny?" Apparently none of my own question to Drew. Drew didn't say a word but didn't take his eyes off me. 
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