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Chapter 21 Defrayals

  • "What's this for?" I asked Andrew a confused question after he put a body camera on me. 
  • "Trust me, you'll need it." He said with assurance on his eyes. I just nodded and didn't ask any more questions. 
  • "I'm scared—not for myself, but for our daughter," Drew was stunned as he made preparations for the other belongings we would need to go to the hideouts of Aunt Fely and her Mafia husband. 
  • Aunt Fely already texted me their address, and anytime we were going there. Here we went straight to Drew's mansion. There was no one in the mansion so we could easily get into Drew’s room. 
  • "You have nothing to fear Sydney, because I'm here. I'm here for our daughter, and I assure you nothing bad will happen to Sunny." His eyes were convincing. I felt comforted by what he said. 
  • "Ready?" I nodded to Drew when he asked me. 
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