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Chapter 25 One Big Happy Family

  • "Good morning Dadda!" Sunny quickly went to where her Dadda Andrew was. I just laughed at the way she let go of me to go to her Dadda. 
  • "Good morning princess!" Drew greeted her warmly back. While smiling, he also picked up Sunny and kissed her on the cheek. It's fun to watch them squirm. It seems like a very beautiful scene I am looking at now, and the scene I am looking at now conveys an indescribable pleasure to my heart. 
  • "So, you're a momma now, huh? Take note, your daughter is very beautiful and kind. She inherit from you," Mama commented smiling as she watched Sunny and Drew squirm. 
  • "Good morning, Mom." I kissed Mama on the cheek then gave her a tight hug. 
  • "Hays. My daughter is really still very sweet to this day." Mom smiled. I just laughed at Mama. 
  • "Mom, thank you." I suddenly said. Mom frowned. 
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