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Chapter 24 God's Will

  • "What is my love thinking?" I looked at the source of the baritone voice from behind me. After the scene earlier, I thought of just coming to the terrace to think. Sunny also just slept so I went here alone. I never thought Drew would follow me. Alots of questions confuses my mind. How much I wanted to ask my parents, how they survived, and why they just showed up to me. And why Drew knows them. But I didn’t have the courage to ask them that. I do not know. I took a deep breath before answering his question. 
  • "Nothing. I'm just happy." I smiled in response to him. He hugged me from behind then he sniffed my hair. 
  • "You still smell so sweet darling." He said sexily. I laughed when he said that. 
  • "You're still the same, you always fooled me." I said laughing as I widened my eyes. I heard him chuckled because of what I said. 
  • “I know you have a lot of questions Sydney,” I slowly lost my smile because of what Andrew said. Yes, he is right. I have a lot of questions. But I don’t know how to start asking that to my parents. 
  • "It wasn't important at all...the important thing was that they were alive and we were together again." I said passionately. Drew didn't say a word. Instead he slowly untied the coil of his two arms around my waist. He turned to me and held my hand.
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