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Chapter 11 Work In Palawan 3

  • "Congratulations on our job well done!" Michelle who was overjoyed with the outcome of the renovation. 
  • "Group hug!" She added, so we hugged in a group. We looks like teenagers who are excited about the school project that we had just finished. It was an awesome feeling!
  • "And because of that, let's celebrate!" That's Gab. I was also surprised when he held my hand then he kissed me furtively on the cheek. I was stunned for a moment. I was also stuck in my stand because I didn’t expect him to do so. 
  • The formerly happy and noisy Michelle gradually faded the smiles on her lips. Maybe because she's shocked too? I don't know. But I feel it seems like ... she's hurt. 
  • "T-thank you for the inspiration." He said shyly. It's embarrassing when I get angry to him. Maybe he was just got carried away because of the excitement he feels, so I just smiled. 
  • "It's okay... but don't do it next time without my permission." I said and he nodded. 
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