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Chapter 18 Wish Granted

  • I am here today at the Claveria's mansion to talk to Andrew. Today is their wedding day but I don't care about it, all I care now is to make my daughter happy. 
  • Its been a week since I found out that she's suffering a blood cancer. Each day that passed seemed like a sharp dagger being slowly thrust into my heart. It is painful to see with your own eyes the condition and suffering of your child. 
  • If I could just take the pain that Sunny is feeling ... I hope I did. Each day was a torture for me, seeing my beloved daughter enduring her pain.
  • —and as a mother, I don’t want to be selfish, especially now. I want to fulfill her wishes. I want my daughter to be happy. I want her to be strong... not even for me, but for herself.
  • "Oh my God! Sydney!" Michelle who immediately greeted me with a tight hug. We haven't talked for almost a week because I'm busy watching over Sunny. 
  • "What happened to you? You've been without a clue for a week!" She asked worriedly. 
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