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Chapter 13 Lies and Pain

  • "Why are you here?" There is nothing as cold as that voice. 
  • I'm here now in Drew's office to pick up the other things I left behind. I thought he's out of the country ... said his new secretary. 
  • "I just have something left." I raised an eyebrow in response. 
  • "Sydney let's talk." His tone was angry. I could hardly breathe as he violently closed the door of his office. 
  • "Why did you resign? Because you don't want to know the truth? You're afraid to face it?" I'm confused by what he's up to now. It seems like I did something wrong without forgiveness. 
  • "Why Drew? Why did you ask that? Can't I just avoid trouble? I don't want to see you because I'm confused! My life is quiet now and I don't want trouble anymore!" 
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