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Chapter 9 Work In Palawan 1

  • It's only four-thirty in the morning but I've already taken a shower and got dressed. Mang Bert will pick me up here at home at four thirty, because our flight to El Nido Palawan was at exactly five o'clock. 
  • Sunny was still sleeping soundly in our room next to Grace. Before I got up at three in the morning, I put Grace next to Sunny. 
  • I just arranged the things I'm going to bring last night so I'm checking it again carefully today because I might have left something behind. 
  • I was carrying a large brown suitcase. The suitcase was full of clothes I would need for work. I also brought my replacement when it was not work hours. 
  • After I checked that my equipment was complete and I hadn't forgotten anything, I rearranged it. 
  • I approached my sleeping daughter, I gently kissed her forehead and cheek. I didn't want to wake her up because I might suddenly change my mind and not continue to leave. But if I do that I will lose my job, for sure. 
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