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Chapter 27 Epilogue

  • You and I, We Belong
  • "You're spoiling me, Drew!" Sydney slapped me lightly on my shoulder as I showed her my gift for her sixteenth birthday. 
  • "No. It was just a simple gift." I smiled in response to her. 
  • "What simple gift? Excuse me, the size of your effort for this. Imagine, you designed my dream house! It's like I just said yesterday what my dream house is ... then look at this now! You already have it." She said excitedly as she observed the design of the house I had made. 
  • "Someday, I'll live you in your dream house." I smiled and told her. I was just surprised when she suddenly hugged me tightly. 
  • "Thank you, Drew. I was the luckiest woman on earth when you fulfilled that promise." She said tearfully. I smiled because of her great appreciation for the simple things I do for her. 
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