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Chapter 17 Sunny's Wishes

  • It's been two weeks since Andrew and I last talked. Since then I haven’t had any news of him yet, except that Michelle said he was abroad, with Belle and aunt Fely. 
  • I also heard that their wedding was on last week of October, which is next week. It was the wedding of Andrew and my cousin Belle. Well, I'm happy for them. It's okay for me because I am happy and contented with my daughter, Sunny. She's much better compared with anything else. 
  • Aunt Fely didn't bother me anymore, probably because I gave in to her wanting me to stay away from Andrew for Belle. 
  • Today is Sunny's sixth birthday! We were celebrating her birthday in Jollibee—at her favorite restaurant. 
  • "Momma!" She just came out of the room with Grace. She's wearing a barbie dress. I bought her dress three days ago at the mall. She loves barbie so much that's why she's happy wearing it. 
  • "Baby!" I greeted her back and then kissed her on her cheeks and nose. 
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