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Chapter 47

  • Brandi
  • I turn the pipe off, grab a towel, and step out of the shower. Then dry off, head to the v vanity, and take a seat. Tes set it up for me a week ago and bought all my favorite items. He is the best; I sigh as I grab the blow dryer. As I am about to turn it on, I catch the dark circles under my eyes that have appeared because of my lack of sleep since Gianna O.Ded.It’s been a couple of days since then, but I can’t help thinking theirs more to the story than she’s telling us. My gut tells me it wasn't an accident, but I don't want to worry Tes without proof. But the what id of it all keeps me up at night. What if I'm right? And my most fearful thought, What if it happens again, and she doesn’t make it the next time? That would crush me and destroy him, so I want to help her if I can, but from the looks, she’s given me the couple of times we’ve seen each other around the house, I can tell she has no interest in rekindling our friendship. Still, I would feel better if someone monitors her just to ensure it’s not a real problem.
  • “Maybe I should ask Tes.”
  • “Ask me what?”
  • “Yip!” I yell and jerk a little, dropping the blow dryer on the ground.
  • "Fenice, be careful." He says as he makes his way over to me, picks it up, and puts it on the vanity.
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