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Chapter 18

  • Brandi 
  • I pull up to the townhouse and park my car on the corner. I take a deep breath preparing to face my best friend first time for the first time. It's been a day since J dropped me off. I have been getting my house in order and sorting out projects at work. I'm so lucky Amber picked up the slack when I left, so they are all still on track. I really should give her a raise, I think as I make my way to the door. This a nice place; it seems Carlos isn't doing so badly.
  • I arrive at the door and press the doorbell. I wait for a couple of minutes but no answer; I know she is home today since she does not work on Sundays. So after waiting another five minutes, I press the bell again and still no answer; I pull out my new phone, which has the same number as my old one, and calls her. after a couple of rings, she finally picks up.
  • "Hey G, are you home?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "Gianna?"
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