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Chapter 26

  • The sensation between my legs stirs me from my sleep. I already know it’s him, so I keep my life eyes closed as his tongue runs over my slit. I spread my legs wider as he buries his face in my core. Soft moans escape my lips, and my waist begins to thrust involuntarily. He licks his way up to my clit and starts sucking on it as he drags his fingers over my hot dripping center. My toes curl up as the pleasure mounts: my heart race, and skin burns from his touch, as he thrust his finger deep into my core. I cry out in pleasure, my legs shaking uncontrollably as he drives me wild with his tongue.
  • I thrust my hips to match the stroke of his fingers, almost at my breaking my point. He moves from my clit and starts French kissing my vertical lips while he slips another finger into me. This pleasure threatens to drive me insane. I have had great sex before, but this is unlike any feeling I’ve ever felt. Is it because I love him….
  • “Hmmmmmm,” I scream out loud as my climax crashes through me. My eyes roll over in my head. I grip the sheets trying to hold on to something physical as my soul threatens to leave my body. He laps up my juices continuously, sending me over the edge until he finally pulls away, allowing my senses to return slowly.
  • He pulls his head away and kisses me in her thighs before kissing my vertical lips again and then makes his way up my body. He kisses my stomach before making his way to my breast. I open my eyes the moment he takes my nipple into the how mouth. He sucks each gently before lifting his head and smiles at me, his mouth still covered in my juices.
  • “Good Morning.”
  • “Good.” Before I finish, he crushes his lips on mine, letting me taste myself as our tongues explore each other mouths. I sigh as he pulls away and kisses my lips.
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