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Chapter 7

  • Kobie looked over at Blair again. She did that a lot more than she should be. She’d known they would send a male, what surprised her was they’d sent a young one and so far, she was impressed with him. He was around her age, but there was something harder about him. She looked out the window and rolled her eyes at her brain’s stupid side trip, aside from the muscles she was sure were under his clothes. But there was something darker in there that you didn’t see with most men their age. She inhaled and could only smell his scent on the shirt he’d given her. Did they have to send someone so damned sexy? She blew out a breath, trying to keep her body from betraying her to the shifters sitting behind her. She smirked. At least he wouldn’t smell it.
  • She glanced once more, then looked away. His hair was even whiter than her own and spiked up messy like he spent hours running his hands through it. It was so different from the slicked-back, neat hair on the men Kobie was used to being around. His eyes were the palest blue. She thought he was looking right through her each time they connected with her own.
  • His phone rang and startled her.
  • He answered it quickly. “Yeah?” His brows furrowed, and he gripped the wheel tighter and kept driving fast. “When? Is everyone okay?” He glanced in the side mirror, then at the one on her side. “Don’t go back, find somewhere to hole up and call that number again and tell them…” He held the phone out and glanced at it before putting it back to his ear, “yeah I’ll tell her.” He hung up but continued to hold his phone. He held it out to her. “Check these on the map and see where the closest is.”
  • Kobie took the phone but continued to look at him. “What’s happened.”
  • His pale eyes connected with hers briefly. “That was your friend, Fish. Someone tore apart their place before he got back,” she sucked in a breath, “his father was at your place checking for others.”
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