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Chapter 6

  • Blair nodded, then wiped his wrist under his nose, wishing he could smell.
  • She shrugged and brushed by him and climbed in the passenger seat, then pulled out the spray bottle again. “The ointment was necessary.”
  • Blair watched her spray where she’d been standing, then held the bottle out to him. “I get it. I don’t like it but understand why.” As soon as she closed the door, he sprayed the ground and backed around to the front. He didn’t know where he’d stood or not stood since arriving, so he pulled the tube of gunk from his pocket and squirted some on the ground. He doubted even a torrential rain would wash that scent away. Climbing in, he handed her the bottle and tossed the tube on top of his bag.
  • Holding his hand out, he watched as she looked at it for a moment. “Blair Elden.”
  • She looked at him for a timeless moment, making him feel like he’d just been thoroughly judged. Placing her hand in his, she gave it a half shake, then pulled it away. “Kobie Sorum.”
  • Starting the van, he pulled away without leaving a tire mark behind.
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