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Chapter 69

  • Without warning, he closed his eyes, and now above her was Blair’s face, his human eyes. He held his body just close enough she could feel the heat of his skin, without touching. Her breath hitched in her throat as he looked at her mouth and slowly lowered his lips to hers. Just their lips touched, no other part. Kobie felt like she was going to climb out of her skin with the need that coursed through her.
  • The kiss was gentle, coaxing, a sweet tasting of each other’s mouth. Lifting her arms slowly, she touched either side of his face and pulled him closer so she could deepen the kiss. A deep noise rumbled in his chest and her cat stirred enough to fill Kobie with intense anticipation. Her cat stayed there, just below the surface, waiting, wanting.
  • Kobie moved her mouth from his and kissed along his jaw. Her sex clenched as she could feel his hard need resting just against her stomach, but he made no move to rub against her. Laying her head back on the ground, she continued to hold his face. She was breathing heavier now, just looking up at him. He held himself above her, his muscles steady. Licking her lips, Kobie reached for her voice, “Blair Elden,” she licked her lips again and looked into his heavy lust-filled eyes, “I accept you as my mate.” Her voice was barely audible, but she knew he had when his expression changed.
  • In a fast move, she found herself laying on top of his naked body. She could barely force the air into her lungs, and she looked down at him when he dropped his hands away from her completely and placed them at his sides.
  • Her cat gave her a gentle nudge, knowing well enough that Kobie was scared, nervous, and surprisingly the happiest she’d ever been. Placing her hands on his chest, she lowered her face closer to his. He licked his lips and then clenched his jaw as he fought to keep his hands off her. Pushing her nose into his neck, she inhaled slowly and took his scent into her body. She groaned softly as it moved through her. This was her home, this was where she was meant to be, with Blair. Licking over his skin, she heard him blow out a harsh breath, fighting to control himself. For the briefest of a second, she considered drawing it out, then her cat’s teeth filled her mouth and she bit into that sweet spot where his neck and shoulder met.
  • Blair growled deep in his throat, his hands clamped around her hips like a vice. She didn’t want to release her bite. She loved the taste of his blood in her mouth. When he shifted her and lowered her quickly onto his body, she was forced to open her mouth and gasp as he filled her. He held her there, his eyes holding her own as fiercely as his hands were her body.
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