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Chapter 67

  • Jay’s room was considerably smaller now with another bed in it. Blair stood in the doorway and watched as Shaelan changed the one bandage on Niles’ side. He winced for the man that showed no pain when she poked around it and checked stitches, or whatever she was doing. He took the time to study the man. His eyes seemed dead; no emotion reflected in them at all.
  • Robbie sat in the chair beside Jay’s bed, leaning on his cane and looking ready to fall over, but he’d insisted he was in the room for the discussion.
  • Kobie sat on the bed beside her brother. She too wanted to be here.
  • The way Jay silently observed everyone else here told Blair he knew what was happening.
  • Calum and Cale stood in the open door to the patio, mirrored stances of arms crossed and legs braced apart. The only difference was Calum tracked every move Shaelan made with his eyes. There was no way she would be near Niles without someone else around. Blair felt sorry for the man in the bed if he did something to upset Shae.
  • Shaelan taped the fresh dressing and then stepped back. She glanced at Blair and gave him a brief nod.
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