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Chapter 37

  • Cale closed up the van and came over. As he did, he pulled his thick curly red hair behind his head with an elastic. He grinned. “This place is the epitome of private.”
  • Blair nodded. “That’s the only way to have it.”
  • “I had that.” Devin mused. “Now my campground is full of people in every direction I look.”
  • Blair watched Rayne run out the door to the van and grab her purse. “But your mate is happy.”
  • Devin nodded as he tracked her with his eyes until she was back in the house. As the door closed, he looked at Cale. “If you want to stay here, Dad says that’s fine. Blair is going to need all the help he can get.”
  • Cale nodded and looked around. He pointed to the small building down the driveway. “I was going to claim that and stay there if that’s okay. I just need a bed.” He glanced at the house, “my cat is afraid of staying in a house with nine females.”
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