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Chapter 65

  • Blair waited until Robbie got down into the chair and shifted around a few times to find a position to sit in with the least amount of pain. He should have thought about asking him to sit in the large wooden deck chairs. “If it would be easier we could go sit in the house.” He hadn’t sat on the new furniture in the living room yet, but it looked comfortable.
  • Robbie shook his head, “no this is fine, now that I’m down.” He leaned to the side, resting an elbow on the chair for more support. “I honestly never knew how many parts of the body were affected when the muscles on your side are injured.” He gave Blair a quick look. “I wanted to be out of earshot to talk.”
  • Blair offered one of the beers, then hesitated, “are you allowed to drink? I don’t know if you’re on any medication.”
  • Robbie held out his hand. “As long as we don’t tell that dark-haired one, I think I’ll be fine.”
  • Blair grinned, “Shaelan knows her stuff.” He leaned over and handed him the bottle, then opened his own. “She’s been trained to be the healer for her clan.”
  • “Jags?” Robbie asked.
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