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Chapter 18

  • Calum spun around.
  • “She was right there behind me, at the side of the path talking about a flower and when I turned, she was gone.”
  • Blair jumped up and started running back to the others. He stripped his shirt over his head and tossed it on the ground when he grabbed his pack.
  • “Hurry,” Cortney grabbed Kobie’s pack and tossed it to him. “Kobie just went after her. She told me to stay here…”
  • Calum was right behind him.  “Everyone, get in the sheltered area.” He turned to Blair as he pulled off his boots. “Go after her. I’ll stay here and watch the rest.”
  • Blair just nodded and ran over to the other side of the path. He looped Kobie’s pack over his head as he undid his jeans. Stuffing them into his pack, he zipped it and shifted faster than his next breath. 
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