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Chapter 55

  • Cale seemed to know that Blair wasn’t in the mood for words and sat there silently on the drive back.
  • When Blair got out of the truck, Cale gave him a quick nod. “I’ll go run the perimeter.”
  • “Appreciate it.” Blair headed for the house, pausing once he reached it to look at the sky. It matched his mood. Dark and churning. They were in for some kind of storm.
  • Blowing out a breath, he went inside and glanced around the kitchen. It was empty. Turning, he headed to go to Jay’s room when Nichelle came down the stairs. “Have you seen Kobie?”
  • Nichelle grinned and pointed up, “she’s up in the Alpha den.” She motioned to the door. “Mika and I are going for a quick run.”
  • “There’s a storm coming in, try to get back before it hits.”
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