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Chapter 16

  • Blair paced ten feet in the other direction again. He turned and looked back at the entrance, where everyone was settled for the night. He’d seen Calum come out about an hour ago and disappear into the trees. If he was running the perimeter, then Blair would stay close by and keep watch. He wanted to shift and go for a fast run, burn off some energy and maybe put an end to this never-ending thinking. He didn’t usually mind thinking things over, but this was getting ridiculous.
  • Giving his head a quick shake, he walked further away from the small cave to put some distance from the new reason his brain wouldn’t shut off. He’d spent the entire evening stalking Kobie with his eyes, and he wasn’t exactly sure why. He liked women, that was nothing new, appreciated all varieties—but this, this he hadn’t done in a few years’ time, and it was making him so uneasy in his own skin.
  • The last time he was this lost in his own head over a woman was with Kelsey—right after he found out she was off-limits. He caught himself wanting to look back to where everyone was and blew out an uneasy breath. Knock it off. You should only be focused on getting them all out of here tomorrow. Then what? He had no idea. Would he be asked to stay with them until they got everything sorted out? He didn’t know.
  • Rubbing a hand over his jaw, he straightened and moved over to the left, so he’d have a better view of the area coming up to here. Why, he was now wondering, did it bother him that if he wasn’t asked to stay with them? That was the plan—meet them and get them to where they were going, right?
  • A branch snapped behind him. He sprung around ready to fight if needed. Kobie stood there watching him.
  • “I didn’t want to sneak up on you.” She said in a hushed voice.
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