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Chapter 68

  • Blair tugged on Kobie’s hand. “They’ll all be here when we get back.” He pulled her toward the truck and opened the door. She climbed in. He put one foot in and then caught the look Calum was giving him as he spoke on the phone. “See, now I have to go see what’s wrong now.”
  • Kobie laughed. “We can still go for a run after you do.”
  • Blair gave her a blank look. “We were leaving almost an hour ago, woman.” He huffed out a breath and leaned on the open door as Calum was walking toward them.
  • Calum tucked the phone into the pocket of his jeans and leaned against the hood of the truck. “That was Jesse.”
  • “Is he on his way back?”
  • Calum shook his head. “Not yet. He’s having a real hard time tracking down some of those clans.”
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