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Chapter 21

  • Blair got out of the car and stretched. That was about all the car rides he could deal with for a few weeks. He was really missing his truck. Dropping his hands to his waist, he turned and looked around slowly. The house was enormous, which is probably why the Alliance had it, to house many shifters at once. A man was standing at the gate with an automatic rifle. Turning, he looked over to see a smaller building that may have been a small guest house at one time. Two men stood outside it, both had rifles. He wasn’t a big fan of guns, but after the last few days, he was happy for the backup.
  • “First thing I’m doing is having a shower.”
  • He turned to see Annamarie getting out of the van. He was happy to see the long drive hadn’t dampened her dramatic flair.
  • “First thing you’re doing is helping take the packs in and emptying them,” Franki told her.
  • Catching a backpack that was tossed at her, Annamarie sighed dramatically.
  • “It’s pretty here,” Daisie said as she stood there hugging her mother.
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