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Chapter 33

  • Carrying the coffee, he really didn’t need, but had needed to stall for a moment, he stepped into the room. It wasn’t a large room and now, with nine people crowded around the bed, it felt like there wasn’t enough room to breathe.
  • “What’s going on?” Jay asked in a quiet voice.
  • “Blair has something to tell us,” Kobie said but didn’t make eye contact with him when she said it.
  • Everyone looked at him. Was spontaneous stage fright a thing? Because something was happening he’d never felt before. His chest was tight, his heart was racing, he had to work to keep his breathing under control and he wasn’t sure, but it felt like his fricken cat was pacing inside him. Clearing his throat, he bent down and set his cup on the side table. “I spoke to the King of the Alliance a while ago,” he glanced around at the hopeful faces watching his every breath, “he’s approved moving all of you to a property not far from where my clan is.” He cleared his throat again, “it’s a huge property, a great big house, more than big enough for everyone.” He stopped there and looked around, trying to gauge the opinions.
  • “Will we be safe there?” Daisie asked.
  • He gave her a reassuring smile, “yes,” he looked down at Jay, “it’s easily defendable, easy to patrol.” He was being as respectful as he could to the only male left in this clan, the one that if he hadn’t been in the state, he was in would for all purposes already be the Alpha. “And my clan is close by, you’ll always have help.”
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