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Chapter 61

  • Jake was perfectly fine in the morning like it hadn’t happened. His anger was proof it happened and everyone was more tense than normal. Maybe tense was going to be the new vibe in the clan. She hoped not. Happier times were definitely welcome to invade the tension and paranoia.
  • The ground squished with each step as she walked. She turned and glanced down at the rock-covered area they’d just climbed. Blair and Calum were giving her lots of space and not following right now on her heels. She waited until they were closer before she spoke. “With all the rain, yesterday and last night, there’s not going to be any scents to track.” She adjusted her run pack, so it was riding along her hip.
  • Calum nodded.
  • Blair looked down the incline to the fenced area. “Think if a cat took a running leap, they’d clear it?”
  • She turned to look at the fence and examined the space between where she stood and the metal wiring. “I know I couldn’t.”
  • “I couldn’t even make that leap,” Calum said quietly.
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