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Chapter 14

  • By the time they caught up to the others, Blair had gone through a whole gauntlet of emotions and that alone put him in the mood where he just wanted to kill something. He had had the realization that Kobie could have died in that fall—then what? He didn’t know, but he’d had to reign in his cat as they processed that thought. Next, it was that Daisie could have fallen—he wasn’t sure, but his own feelings on that weren’t much better than the idea of something happening to Kobie. He didn’t know what in hell was going on with his head, but it needed to smarten up. He didn’t have time for all this emotional shit. He had nine other lives to get to safety. This was no time for feeling all this other crap.
  • Once assessing that everyone was fine, Kobie chuffed her intentions of leading and took off down the incline. Despite his internal chastising, Blair hung back for a minute and checked that Daisie, was in fact, fine. He even gave Annamarie a quick once over to make sure she was well—unhappy with the state of her boots, but otherwise, she was in good health.
  • Turning, he scented the direction Kobie had gone and then took off as soon as he processed another familiar smell. Calum was close by and another jaguar. Even though Calum was his friend, and his cat knew the other man’s the scent still registered as a danger. Someday he’d build up the courage to ask Calum why that was, but for now, he just had to catch up to the crazy fast she-cat. Her speed, along with other aspects he was finding, filled him with pride that she was as incredible as she was.
  • He cleared a heavy vegetation area and came to a quick halt, paws sliding on the dried needles covering the ground. Kobie was hunched down, ready to spring, her ears flat on her head. As Calum cleared the bush on the other side, Blair leaped toward Kobie and placed his body in her path. Bumping her, he gave her a not so gentle verbal command to stand down.
  • Calum stopped and sat right where he stood, Blair could see his amusement even in his cat’s eyes. The look told him he was amused that the spitfire of a female was ready to take him on to protect her clan—or he was laughing at Blair because of the predicament he’d been through the past few days. He wasn’t sure which.
  • Nudging Kobie with his head, he got her to turn around and head back to the others. Once she started moving, Blair watched Calum look behind him as a huge black jag came running out of the trees carrying a backpack in her mouth. Calum swung his head and looked back at Blair as if to say, ‘she insisted on bringing it’. A lot had happened in his friend’s life too, it seemed. He looked forward to the distraction of hearing about it.
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