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Chapter 7 Dead End

  • “Stop shouting! Although our dad is gone, we’re still here. We’ll give your money back to you!” Kendall couldn’t help but growl. The pressure that had burdened him for a long time almost made him lose his mind.
  • “Brat, how are you going to repay us? How dare you bluff us? Get him!”
  • “Yes! Destroy him!”
  • Naturally, a high school boy couldn’t bear such attacks. Soon, his face was swollen from all the beating.
  • “Stop beating my brother! Please! Don’t hit him!” Keira immediately pushed them away and protected her brother. However, some of the fists still landed on her body.
  • “Keira, leave now! Go!” Kendall wanted to protect his sister as well.
  • Just then, a man could be heard demanding, “Stop it!”
  • All of them were stunned and turned to the source of the voice, only to see a bespectacled young man, who was clad in an English checkered suit, walking toward them.
  • This man was apparently a professional.
  • Keira could recognize the man, who was her defense lawyer, Anthony Jackson.
  • Anthony shuffled toward them and shot them a glance before fishing out his employee’s card. “I’m Miss Whitlaw’s lawyer. If anyone dares to harm her, you’ll be regarded as causing bodily harm to her, and you’ll penalized accordingly.”
  • He then adjusted his golden framed and yellowish glasses before uttering in a clear manner, “Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the money they owe you because the company is right here. After it’s put up as collateral, the money will be enough to repay all your debts. Go on, if you still want to make a scene here, but we’ll take our leave now. Miss Whitlaw, please come with me.”
  • Soon, Anthony brought the Whitlaw siblings away from the crowd. After that, they entered a cafe that was on the first floor of the building and took a seat.
  • “Thanks, Mr. Jackson,” Keira gazed at him and said.
  • After taking a glance at her, Anthony put on a faint smile and replied in a formal manner, “Miss Whitlaw, you don’t have to thank me. Someone told me to come here.”
  • “Oh? Who was it?” Keira appeared doubtful.
  • With a smile, Anthony turned the delicate coffee cup in his hands and uttered slowly, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you who has employed me to help you. Nevertheless, I’m sure you understand the difficult situation your family is in right now.”
  • Keira nodded and fell silent. A while later, she said in a dejected manner, “I’ve never expected my dad’s company to end up like this.”
  • “Miss Whitlaw, from what I’ve gathered, your father had taken all the money from Whitlaw Incorporated before he ran away. If I’m not mistaken, the only things you have that are valuable are your residence and the four luxury cars. Oh, wait. Your house and cars have probably been put up as collateral as well. So, it seems that the three of you have reached a dead end now.”
  • Upon finishing his words, Anthony took a look at the siblings and realized that their expressions had darkened.
  • Staring at them, he went on to say in a calm and formal way, “Miss Whitlaw, the only way out for you is to file for bankruptcy. There’s no other way now.”
  • Upon hearing that, Keira glared at him and replied in a steadfast manner, “No! We’ll never file for bankruptcy! This company is the blood and sweat of my dad and Mr. Bates. We cannot file for bankruptcy!”
  • After rising from the chair, Anthony gave her a look and picked up his messenger bag. “Miss Whitlaw, I’ve told you all you need to know. Think about it. This is my phone number. Call me if you need me. I’m more than willing to help you settle your issues.”
  • He habitually adjusted his glasses. “The coffee is on me.” After that, he shuffled out of the cafe with his bag.
  • “Keira, what can we do if we don’t file for bankruptcy?” Kendall gazed at her and asked in an anxious manner. At this moment, he couldn’t care less about the pain on his face.
  • “Give me some time to think about it. There must be a way out… There must be a way out…” Keira murmured and frowned. She was so apprehensive that she felt a slight pain in her heart.
  • ...
  • On the top floor of the Emerson Empire State Building, a handsome man clad in a deep purple suit was seated on a wooden chair as he was going through a document.
  • Just then, his phone started ringing.
  • After putting down his pen, Tyler picked up the call and asked in a lowered voice, “How was it?”
  • “Tyler, Keira has rejected my suggestion, but I don’t think they can endure for a long time. So, they’ll probably file for bankruptcy soon,” Anthony replied honestly.
  • “Alright.” Tyler gave it a thought. “What about Kennedy? Any news about him?”
  • “The police told me that they haven’t managed to capture him, but I think he’s probably fled to a foreign country,” Anthony explained. Suddenly thinking of something, he went on to say, “Tyler, I don’t get it. If you’re interested in Whitlaw Incorporated, why don’t you just acquire it?”
  • Nevertheless, Tyler put on a sneer in response. “I’m not a garbage collector, so why would I acquire Whitlaw Incorporated? How funny!”
  • “Oh, that’s indeed funny. Alright, I’ll call you if there’s any development. See you.” Upon finishing his words, Anthony hung up the call.