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Chapter 10 Pasta

  • Elle opened the door to her apartment, then put the shopping bags in one by one. The stuff she bought was not a little, but also not much, considering she lived alone. How many things did Elle need? Her needs definitely weren’t as great as Amy’s.
  • Speaking of Amy, her best friend had called her. And she couldn’t pick it up because she was driving. She had already said that she was meticulous while driving, right? So, she tried to stay focused on moving her car. Thus, she ignored any call. The exception might be when the call comes more than once. Then she would stop and pick it up.
  • Elle took a deep breath. After she put her groceries into her house, the next task changed to taking them to the kitchen, then separating them. It was pretty fun and tiring at the same time. It was fun because she was a neat and organized person. So tidying up and organizing things would make her excited.
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